New Year’s Resolutions 2015 For Your Home!


CSDB, Inc. Q&A
Every new year we all set goals to lose weight, to spend more time with family and friends, to save more money, or to be more productive. Do you ever set goals for your home?

CSDB, Inc. wants to know…what resolutions do you have for your home this year?

Terry: “I would like to put our home on the market in 2015 so that we can build a smaller home and downsize for our needs right now. So, for us our new year’s resolution would be to de-clutter, to clean out unused items, to maintain our home and check for any small items we can repair and have ready for a buyer.”

Stephanie: “In 2015, I think organization is the most important thing for me. Balancing an active lifestyle with children is always a challenge to keep the paperwork and clutter at bay. It really distracts me from spending more time with my family when I am in my home.”

Cameron: “My wife and I are remodeling our master suite for 2015. Making our bathroom layout more usable and updating the floor coverings, fixtures, etc. will really help our home sell in a few years when we need more space for our growing family.”

Jamey: “My main goal this year is our outdoor living space! We need to spend some time doing maintenance on our deck and setting up a patio area so that we can utilize the spaces more this summer.”

No matter what your 2015 resolutions might be, take the time this new year to set goals and talk to professionals about how to accomplish your goals. We would be happy to help you with a new remodel, an addition to your home, or a new outdoor area to enjoy this spring and summer.

Sold your home? Ready to build? Give us a call! We would be happy to give you a quote and work with you to get a budget so you can start building your new home in 2015!