One Year to Make a BIG Difference: Marketing our Construction Business

One year. That’s the amount of time that we gave ourselves. We set goals. We interviewed, asked questions, and enlisted the help of some wonderful experts along the way.

And now, I can say, with a brimming heart, “We are busier this January than we’ve been in years!” Not only are we busy in the winter months but we are so proud of all the changes we have been making to our business.

Here are some of the steps we took in 2014 to rebrand and to start marketing ourselves:

1. First and foremost, our website needed an update. Well, more like a teardown, rebuild, and complete overhaul. After interviewing multiple website design firms from Asheville, Hendersonville, and Brevard, we finally found Wolf Hoelscher of Hoelscher Creative, in Flat Rock, NC. We decided he was the man for the job as soon as we met him. His expertise and willingness to work with our very hectic schedule was exceptional. He gave us guidance from logo design to our business model. We spent nearly the entire year working with him to ensure the success of our website.

2. We worked with a design expert to make changes to our logo and finding a much more approachable design. This was hard but gave us a great place to start when we started talking about what appealed to us most in a new logo – from the colors to the font. We love what happened when we started designing. It fell into place and has received a great response.

3. Cleaning out our offices, our storage spaces, and making sure the clutter remained at bay was a big step for us this year! Terry had saved everything for every house he had built since 1986! He worked so hard to purge and streamline our storage. I am looking forward to throwing out only one year’s worth of materials at a time from now on.

4. My favorite change was blogging on our website and sending out monthly newsletters to our customers and clients. This has been a great jump into the future here! And another way to showcase what makes our company different than all the others. I love blogging and showing our clients — past, present, and future — what we are up to, both in our family and in our business.

The newsletter has helped drive our list of potential clients to our new website. Some of our clients have seen pictures from our newsletters of home features that they want to use in their own homes and refer us to the pictures we have sent them. It has been fun to create something useful for our clients and to show off our new logo and website at the same time.
Some clients aren’t ready to build their homes for many years and this way they never forget us while they are getting ready to move to Asheville!

5. The home shows in our area have really helped drive our business over the past five years. We still have conversations with potential clients that aren’t ready to make the move to our area, or they’re waiting for a house to sell but will be coming to the mountains soon. This has been a positive way to get our logo recognized and to be able to show people what makes our company truly special. If you know us, you know that we love to talk, so home shows have been a great way to talk to more and more people about why we are the builder for them. We get as many email addresses as possible of potential clients and then add them to our newsletter list. Every time we can make an impression is one more time they might be ready to build their new home.

6. When Wolf first met with us in a discovery meeting to have conversations on what we wanted from our website, I remember him asking us, “What do you want to focus on that makes you different from other builders?” I don’t think that any of us knew what to say when we were put on the spot. We are quality home builders, with many years of experience, and we focus on building great relationships with our clients, but what makes us stand out from the rest?

So, we set out to discover the answer to that question. We talked about our business model, about what made us different than all the other builders, and why we were doing this business in the first place. All of those discussions came back to one answer: FAMILY.

We love working together as a family, working with clients and their families, and providing a home for their family. We are proud of what we are and what our father, Terry, has been able to accomplish for over 35 years.

So even though we have made some great leaps forward with some simple changes, our one true goal (LOVE) remains the same — family. Our family working with your family to create a quality home.